• Wear Your Tandem Pump in Style!

    Only the coolest cases for the coolest pump - that’s why we partnered with Myabetic to design our exclusive line of pump cases. Myabetic specializes in designing fashionable and fun accessories for people with diabetes.

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  • t:clip Cases

    t:clip Vertical Plastic Case

    This plastic case lets you wear your t:slim Pump clipped to any garment vertically. Whether you decide to wear it on your belt, tucked to your pocket, or clipped to a bra, t:clip gives you easy access to your pump’s screen and Wake Button. Another bonus -- you can charge your t:slim Pump without taking it out of the case. 

    Alpine White  /   REF 004866  /  $19.95

    Aztec Black  /  REF 004610  /  $19.95

    Coronado Blue  /   REF 005547  /  $19.95

    Midway Silver  /   REF 004865  /  $19.95

    Pacific Purple  /   REF 004867  /  $19.95

    Red Trolley  /  REF 005546  /  $19.95

    Roselle Pink  /   REF 004868  /  $19.95

    Seuss Green  /   REF 005548  /  $19.95

    Sunset Orange  /   REF 005549  /  $19.95

    Tower 4 Blue  /   REF 005550  /  $19.95

    Community Blue  /   REF 005551  /  $19.95   **LIMITED EDITION**

  • t:wallet

    t:wallet Leatherette Case

    This feminine leatherette case clips to your clothes so you can wear your t:slim Pump horizontally. When you open your t:wallet, you have full access to your pump screen and Wake Button so there is no need to take your t:slim Pump out of the case. The t:wallet that also features two extra slots for IDs or credit cards, and a pocket for money. t:wallet is available in 2 fun styles. The first style features a snake textured black patent material on the exterior and a gold lining interior. The second style is pink on the exterior with a fun leopard print on the interior.

    Black & Dazzle  /  REF 004863  /  $29.95

    Pink Leopard  /  REF 004864  /  $29.95

  • t:holster

    t:holster Leatherette Case

    This classic leatherette case clips to your clothes. It rotates easily so you can wear your t:slim Pump either vertically or horizontally. You have full access to the Wake Button to do a Quick Bolus without taking your t:slim Pump out of the holster. A thin magnetic flap secures your pump and can be used to wrap excess tubing on. t:holster is available in Black or Brown.

    Black   /   REF 004656   /   $24.95

    Brown   /   REF 004862   /   $24.95

  • To order, please call Customer Sales Support at (877) 801-6901

    Monday–Friday, 6:00am6:00pm Pacific Time

  • t:case

    t:case and t:slider Plastic Case with Rotatable Clip

    Protect your t:slim Pump from bumps and scratches with this tough black sleeve and matching holster that slips on easily and gives you full access to all functions.

    t:case, Black   /   REF 004608   /   $14.95

    t:slider rotatable clip, Black   /   REF 004616   /   $19.95

  • Power Corner

    All Tandem pumps come with a 6ft micro-USB cable. The cable allows you to charge your t:slim Pump wherever and whenever you want, and to transfer data to the t:connect® Diabetes Management Application. Do you want to leave a cable at home, one in the car, or one at the office? Charge your t:slim Pump from anywhere with extra cables and USB power adapters.

    USB Cable (6ft.)  /  REF 004113  /  $9.95

    Wall USB Power Adapter  /  REF 003933  /  $12.95

    Car USB Power Adapter  /  REF 003934  /  $14.95

    Charging Components
    Car Charging
  • t:pack

    t:pack case – Keeps your supplies together

    t:pack list image

    This high quality, fashionable case means that you can travel in style. Store your daily necessities and emergency supplies in a distinguished, high-quality nylon case that can easily join the rest of your, business, travel, and lifestyle accessories. The case can fit your BG meter, strips, lancing device, extra cartridges, extra sets, power cable, insulin vial, glucose tabs and other items you may need in case of an emergency. With its 2 separate compartments, 5 zippered pockets, and 3 elastic loops, you will be the most organized and stylish person (with or without diabetes) at home, the office, and especially at the airport. TSA will love you for it.

    Black   /   REF 004874   /   $39.95

  • To order, please call Customer Sales Support at (877) 801-6901

    Monday–Friday, 6:00am6:00pm Pacific Time