Tandem Source Platform


Tandem Source is a platform for healthcare professionals to see important diabetes therapy data, access patient reports, and find the tools to help patients manage their diabetes.

Three Easy Reports

Having easy access to your patient's therapy data in one convenient platform is critical to help them — and you — successfully manage their diabetes. No more switching between dashboards and websites.



Provides an overview of the patient’s therapy data from their insulin pump.


Daily Timeline

Shows glucose readings, basal insulin delivery, and boluses over time.

Tandem Source Overview Report

Pump Settings

Displays the pump settings, including Personal Profiles and predictive technology.

Make Impactful Adjustments

With Control-IQ Technology

Control-IQ technology is an automated insulin delivery system that decreases or stops basal insulin if readings from compatible continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) are predicted to be low. It also increases basal insulin if sensor readings are predicted to be high.

Get step-by-step guidance on clinical assessment and how to make insulin dose adjustments using the Tandem Source platform.

Get Started

View reports, make adjustments, or upload pump data.


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