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t:connect HCP Portal

Fine tune your patients' diabetes management

Through the t:connect® HCP portal, you can upload, view, and print patient data from a single, user-friendly webpage. From within your t:connect HCP account, you can view your patients’ data from any internet-connected computer.

Compatible with both Mac and PC and accessible by both patients and providers, the t:connect diabetes management application is the fast, easy way to access and save data from pumps, supported glucose meters,* and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). The t:connect application helps uncover meaningful insights and trends, to help fine tune patient therapy.

t:connect HCP Dashboard



Great Features

After receiving feedback from hundreds of healthcare professionals and visiting over 20 different diabetes clinics, we designed the t:connect HCP portal to meet the needs of healthcare providers:

Simple Login

Login to the HCP portal with your own credentials to view any of your patients’ data.

Flexible Data Access

Login from any internet-connected computer, anytime, anywhere in the United States.

Easy Patient Search

Find a patient quickly on the HCP portal using patients' first or last names.

Streamlined Workflow

View your patients' data, and save and print reports with just a few easy clicks.

Fast Data Transfer

Quickly upload data from a Tandem insulin pump and a BG meter simultaneously.

Customized Target Ranges

Set patient-specific ranges to quickly identify data that falls outside of their goals.



Getting started
is simple

Click Create Account and the t:connect HCP portal will guide you through the steps necessary to get set up. We have designed a single t:connect HCP configuration to be shared among your healthcare team. You can add multiple users during set up, or add more later as needed.

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Try out the new Basal-IQ feature with our free demo app.

Search for t:simulator™ wherever you purchase apps, or click the badges below to visit the download page.

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* The t:connect application is compatible with the following meters: OneTouch Verio IQ, OneTouch UltraMini, OneTouch Ultra 2, FreeStyle Lite, FreeStyle Freedom Lite, ACCU-CHEK Aviva, ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus.
† CGM data requires a CGM-enabled Tandem insulin pump.