Dexcom CGM Compatibility


To display your current glucose reading and activate Control-IQ technology on your t:slim X2 insulin pump, you will need to connect your pump with a compatible continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor.*

Compatible Sensors

Tandem Diabetes Care and Dexcom have created life-changing diabetes management solutions with more than a decade of collaboration. Here is a breakdown of what Dexcom CGM sensors are currently compatible with your t:slim X2 insulin pump.

Dexcom G7 Icon

Dexcom G7

The t:slim X2 pump (software version 7.7 or later) is compat­ible with specific versions of the Dexcom G7 sensor.

Dexcom G6 Icon

Dexcom G6

The t:slim X2 insulin pump (software version 7.3 or later) is compatible with all versions of the Dexcom G6 sensor.

LBL Number on Dexcom Sensor Box

How do I know if my Dexcom G7 sensor is compatible?

Check all your sensor boxes. If the side of the box has a white line below the LBL number, as per the image example shown, then the t:slim X2 insulin pump (versions 7.7 and later) is compatible with your Dexcom G7 sensor.

Please note: The numbers on your Dexcom G7 sensor box will be different than the numbers shown in the reference example on this page.

Is your sensor not compatible?

If your Dexcom G7 sensor is not compatible with the t:slim X2 insulin pump, please contact your local customer support team.

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Don’t have the sensor box?

If you don’t have the box that your Dexcom G7 sensor came in but your sensor is connected to the Dexcom G7 app on your smartphone, please use the following instructions to check compatibility.

Dexcom App Glucose Screen

Open your Dexcom G7 app and tap Connections.

Tap Sensor to continue.


Confirm that your Firmware version is or later.