Diabetes is a special bond between siblings Parker and Madison

We’re in love with this dynamic brother-sister duo. Parker and Madison live in Encinitas, California, where they can be found bouncing down their blood sugars on their backyard trampoline, between soccer and gymnastics practices.
| Aug 12, 2016

Featured User - Dee Anne Gauthier

t:slim Pump user Dee Ann Gauthier remembers traveling by bus on Sundays from Clara Barton diabetes camp for girls to Dr. Elliott Joslin’s private estate in Vermont where she spent the day eating watermelon and petting his horses with other girls with diabetes. 50 years later she walked through the doors of the Joslin clinic to accept her 50-year Joslin medal that recognizes individuals who have lived with insulin-dependent diabetes.
| Jul 12, 2016

Diabetes Camps Make a Difference

Results from a recent survey by the American Diabetes Association show that the diabetes camp experience has a positive and lasting effect on how young people view themselves and their diabetes.
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| Jun 20, 2016

The mountains call and Allen Hogan must go, with his pump and supplies

Allen Hogan uses a vacation day almost every other Friday during hiking season. The mountains call and he must go.
| Jun 19, 2016

Riley Jenkins pursues a career in diabetes research and grows support network across college campuses

Riley Jenkins is an honors student at the University of Georgia. She’s dual-majoring in biological sciences and nutrition science and will soon begin a research project on mitochondrial capacity and muscle endurance in individuals with type 1 diabetes.
| Jun 19, 2016

Travel Easily with Tips from Kerri Sparling

Heading out on vacation or away for work? Traveling with diabetes can be easy and streamlined if you’re willing to do a little prep work. A well-packed bag and proper planning can make your travel experiences fun-filled…despite being islet-free.
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| Jun 19, 2016

Tandem Pump Users Share Charging Preferences

In honor of Earth Day we asked 1,456 of our customers how and when they preferred to recharge their pumps. This is what we learned:
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| Apr 21, 2016

Christopher Wilson reminds us that every day is Earth Day

Christopher Wilson is behind the scenes of 84 chapters of the Surfrider Foundation. He enables supporters, volunteer activists, and chapter leaders to focus on what they do best - protecting the ocean, waves, and beaches.
| Apr 21, 2016

National Nutrition Month Focuses on Making Informed Food Choices

Every March, the National Nutrition Month campaign focuses attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Learn more about a hunger-relief non-profit that teamed up with community partners to promote diabetes awareness.
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| Mar 04, 2016

Spare a Rose

This Valentine’s Day, show your love for that special someone with a gift that truly gives something: Life, for a child.
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| Feb 02, 2016

Mindy Bartleson is on a one-way trip up the Eastern Seaboard

Mindy Bartleson is on a one-way trip up the Eastern Seaboard. She is certainly no stranger to new frontiers and life transitions.
| Feb 12, 2015

Jay Haapala is an FAA Licensed private pilot with diabetes

Jay Haapala is a 17-year-old high school junior, an Eagle Scout, national award winner, community leader, animal lover, and aviation geek on his way to being an FAA Licensed Private Pilot.
| Dec 04, 2014