The Culture Club Project

After several years of significant growth, we undertook a company-wide adventure to try and capture what it was about Tandem that our employees seemed to enjoy so much. We asked everyone at the company to sum up what they liked about working at Tandem in one or two words, and the top three responses were, "The People", "Helping Patients", and "Great Products". You can't get much better than that! Here's what else we said.

Why we exist.

To make the lives of people with diabetes better and better, through relentless innovation and revolutionary customer experience.

Words we live by.

Innovate, for real.
We rely on new ideas, and people who keep their minds open to how to make them happen, to deliver products that can change people’s lives. When faced with a revolutionary concept, whether it be for a new product, or even just a new way to organize the supply room, we try to say yes (or at least maybe) before we say no.

Don’t mess with our customers.
We have the world’s best customers, and we are very protective of them. When making business decisions, we always ask ourselves and our partners “how will this impact our customers?

No shortcuts.
Making things more efficient and cost effective is great! Taking shortcuts is not.  People’s lives depend on us, so holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards and delivering exceptional quality in everything we do isn’t just something we value, it’s something we require.

Huddle up.
Getting innovative ideas off the ground requires the experience, opinions and actions of many.  We cannot accomplish great things without successful collaboration, both inside and outside of the company.

Tell me what you really think.
Honest and timely communication of important ideas, data and feedback are critical to success. Our open-door policy helps innovative ideas to flow, and keeps projects from getting too far down the wrong path.

Be casual, seriously.
Don’t let the jeans and board shorts fool you. We are very serious about our work. We also recognize that the happiest people are the most productive people, and we foster an environment to support that.

Stay awesome.
We treat our fellow employees like friends and family, and the company like our own home. This universal respect allows us the freedom to be ourselves and to be effective at our jobs, knowing at the end of the day that we can trust everyone do the right thing, for each other and for the company.