• Glucose Monitoring Choices

    Complete Your Diabetes Management System

    We know that insulin delivery is just part of the equation for managing your diabetes. Blood glucose and continuous glucose monitoring are also important components to an effective diabetes management plan. Below are some of the latest, most advanced blood glucose monitoring options available today.  The t:connect® Diabetes Management Application is currently compatible with seven of the most popular blood glucose meters on the market, including the OneTouch® Verio®IQ meter.  Talk with your healthcare provider to see which options are right for you.

  • Dexcom G4® PLATINUM Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

    In addition to using a meter, many people with diabetes find continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) to be an effective way to get a complete picture of their glucose levels in between finger sticks.

    The Dexcom G4 PLATINUM CGM System is an easy-to-use wireless device that is designed to simplify your glucose management. It is brought to you by Dexcom, the glucose sensor company, featuring the newest sensor technology and the only FDA-approved 7-day use sensor.

    The G4 PLATINUM shows you a new glucose reading every 5 minutes for up to 7 days of uninterrupted wear-time. The system is made up of three components: the sensor, a transmitter, and a receiver.

    Other key features include: small sensor with round comfort design, customizable alerts, first-of-its-kind color LCD display, and a "hypo alert" setting to catch critical moments.

    Dexcom G4 and Sensor
  • OneTouch® Verio®IQ Meter with Pattern Alert Technology

    We want to make sure you have everything you need to get started, so each new t:slim® Pump comes with a OneTouch® Verio®IQ from LifeScan.

    Finally, a meter that goes beyond the numbers and averages to reveal your high and low patterns. Verio®IQ is the first and only meter with PatternAlert to notify you of high and low blood sugar patterns – right on its color screen. Because the more you know, the better decisions you can make.

    And 97% of patients are insured for OneTouch, so that often means lower co-pays for you.

    Other key features include: eco-friendly rechargeable battery, testing illumination, high-resolution color display, 10 OneTouch®Verio® gold test strips, and 750-test memory.

     Verio IQ Meter Grouping

  • Meter Collection

    Blood Glucose Meters and the t:connect® Application

    The t:connect Application is currently compatible with seven of the most popular meters on the market:
    • OneTouch® Verio®IQ
    • OneTouch® UltraMini®
    • OneTouch® Ultra® 2
    • FreeStyle® Lite®
    • FreeStyle® Freedom Lite®
    • Accu-Chek® Aviva
    • Accu-Chek® Compact Plus


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